UX/UI Design & Marketing

Social WhirledDesign Materials

While at Fisher, I lead the team in creating a revised visual language for SocialWhirled. This visual language was handed over to the internal marketing team for use in their sales documentation. I also designed the consumer-facing website and helped revise the user dashboard for the application.

Client - SocialWhirled Role - Design, planning, information architecture Agency - Fisher Project - Website design, Dashboard revision and Use case scenarios

Consumer-facing Website Redesign

As one of the first deliverables for the brand redesign, a new consumer website was created. The project was initially started with the analytics of the existing website which resulted in a new information architecture. Wireframes and a new look were designed to increase the sales potential.

Consumer-facing Information Architecture

Dashboard Redesign

In conjunction with the SocialWhirled development and sales teams, I helped revise the client dashboard and administrator areas. This role included usage focus groups and revising the user flow of the interface with the creation of a revised sitemap and wireframes.

Use Case Scenarios

I was a leading team member for creating user personas to help identify use cases for the benefit of the client on-boarding process and sales documentation.