Design & Development

PINGMedia Manager

With Ping's sales team, I helped identify areas of improvement for the new ping website. I produced use cases and information architecture concepts and help create a product organizational chart with lead the development of their media manager.

Client - PING Role - App strategy, interface design, front-end prototyping Agency - Esser Design Project - Company intranet and media manager interface

Information Architecture

I worked with the sales team at PING to help identify the best way to allow product vendors to search product media, whether that product photos, videos, TV ads, print ads or digital banner ads.

Wireframes & Prototype

In conjunction with wireframes, a prototype was created to test the best means of allowing users to collect assets without downloading files individually. The goal was to supply the users with a means of making a queue of files to download.


The interface was kept simple to give the users the ability to focus on the assets. The primary functionality of queuing and downloading assets was centered around the right column.