What's the plan?

The Fisher office has centralized music player. The problem was playing DJ, the music was accessed through a remote screenshare, taking excessive amounts of time to connect and with no easy way to monitor the playlist or volume.

The goal was to find a solution that allowed us to quickly manage the music and adjust the volume. The solution was to create an environment that gave everyone control of music and easily dim/mute the volume quickly.

Web & Mobile Player

The web and mobile player for the music player are accessible from the Fisher intranet.

Fun Add-Ons

As the platform was built out I decided it'd be a little more fun to incorporate a few other methods of controlling the music.

Integrate a Slackbot
for chat controls.

Integrate an IOT button
for quick muting.

The Backbone

The entire system was run on a Raspberry Pi using Mopidy, NodeJS, Spotify's API and Slack's API.

The only issue we discovered through this setup is that the audio signal contains a lot of noise being emitted from the WiFi antenna and the power input. To resolve this we plan to integrate a USB sound card to reduce the noise.